Campaign for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness

Written by on 3 August, 2017



Campaign in for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness in Barcelona, Spain.

All money raised in this campaign is for the private foundation PRODIS to make improvements in the facilities of people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Any amount is welcome. Among everyone we can get to make a good raising money and improve the lives of these people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness.

Prodis focuses on people. To ensure their rights and preserve their dignity, committed to continuous improvement of its autonomy and empowerment of their abilities. Prodis is working with people with learning disabilities and their families and carers. Prodis Foundation currently has residencies and workshops for people with any type of disability helping to be integrated easily into society.

Mental illnesses are disorders that affect a person’s mood, thoughts or behaviors. Serious mental illnesses include a variety of diseases including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and major depressive disorder. Although they can be scary, it is important to remember that these disorders are treatable. Individuals diagnosed with these diseases can live full, rewarding lives, especially if they seek treatment as needed.

Being diagnosed with a serious mental illness can be a shock — both for the person diagnosed and for his or her family and friends. On the other hand, finally obtaining a diagnosis and treatment plan can sometimes help relieve stress in the family and start moving recovery forward. Family members can be an invaluable resource for individuals dealing with serious mental illnesses. By learning more about the illness, you can support your loved one through diagnosis and beyond.

The money raised will be used for expenses related to the foundation of all people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness who live there. The money raised is for the foundation and will be shown publicly in facebook. We are doing this collaboration selflessly to the PRODIS Foundation. You can see the details of the campaign and its donors here.

To launch this campaign we have permission from the director of the foundation and the new president. They are aware of everything concerning the campaign at all times and the goal of the campaign. This campaign is launched with the permission of the Prodis Foundation and Plexus Radio is a collaborator Voluntary.

You can donate directly in name of Plexus Radio (Roger Balta) to PRODIS sending an email or calling (Tel. +34 93 731 10 09 – Fax +34 93 783 23 70) in the case that your beliefs, distrust or your company policies prohibits donate to this campaign.



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