How to Have a Health Lunch Time for Office Worker?

Written by on 7 April, 2018


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Health Lunch – In summer, the days are long and the nights are short so that people feel fatigue easily, so as the people who work in the office.

They will have a state of fatigue in the afternoon. Therefore, how to make good use of the lunch time and have a good rest is good to recover their spirit and energetic. Choose the most suitable one for you from the following methods.

1. Health Lunch – Do some fun games to supply energy for brain.

People who work in office like a clock always have endless task. Lunch break is your health rest, so change your mind! Eating foods, while thinking sale strategy, is hardly the lunch break. If want to improve brain power, you can use lunch break to do some small mental games. For example, playing cards, chess with colleagues, or do a small handwork which could both exercise your hands and brain. In short, all funny things, making yourself happy, are the health choice for your lunch time.

2. Wash face and make-up could exchange your spirits instantly.

Many people prefer to wash face to recover their spirit when they feel sleepy. This is really a good idea. Be busy working for a morning, you can make a whole cleaning for your face, get some fresh air and add moisture for skin at lunch time, so that you have a new face and feel good mood. If you are work outside long time under the sun, you had better do a facial ice at lunch time. This is very effective in repairing skin sunburn. You can use a handkerchief soaked on the cold water or ice water, apply to the face for 2 to 3 minutes, and repeated 3 times. Or go to the nearest supermarket to buy a bag of milk for ice cold compress, this simple method, in particular, can deal with light sunburn.

3. Chat is easy to dispose of bad emotion

You should not join the intense work immediately after lunch, even there is short time for people to have break. No matter how strong of nervous system that also needs to relax. Chat with colleagues and exchange your ideas on life during this time. If your friends also work near your office, try to make an appointment with him and talk your things. Women like to talk naturally, that is also the reason why women have a longer life than men. The science has proved that chat is a good psychological treatment to alleviate pressure. In addition, people had better stand to chat, because stand 15-30 minutes after a meal is good for one’s health.

It is not only conducive to digestion and absorption of food, but to prevent a small stomach. Actually, to have a talk while walking is best, except for those gastroptosis patients.


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