Casual Sex – Is It Really that Bad?

Written by on 2 October, 2017


People have different reactions towards casual sex. The term “casual” can have different meanings because the emotions tend to play a part in most types of relationships. However, most people change their thoughts and perceptions towards this phenomenon once they experience it.

Singles today have several different options when it comes to meeting new people. People have freedom to choose how their dating life should be and they are free to decide if they want casual sex or not. The feelings towards casual sex can be influenced by many different factors like the kind of society one belongs to, religious beliefs, peers and morals. Casual sex is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact if it is done right with all the precautions it can be a great experience too.

To go casual or not

For deciding whether casual sex is right for you or not you would first need to understand your perception towards casual physical intimacy. The decision has to be solely yours and though people might have several different opinions they should not really dictate the way you make your decisions.

Making a decision is not so difficult if you understand your needs and wants. Generally, when people meet someone who they are attracted to and want to have intimacy with them, their views can change instantly. There might be a few issues which would have to be taken care of, like using protection at all times but once these trivial issues are taken care of there would be nothing else to worry about.

Casual sex allows individuals to have a healthy sex life with another person without having to make a commitment. Not being ready to get into a serious relationship and make a commitment doesn’t mean that you cannot have a sex life. People have sexual needs and urges, it is only human and there is nothing wrong in making sure that these needs are met. That is the sole reason why casual sex is not considered to be taboo in today’s time.

The precautions

Deciding that sexual sex is right for you would then mean that a few things would have to be kept in mind. Once you decide to go for it that would mean that you alone would be accountable for it and it would also be your own decision in case you decide to change your path later on.

The most important thing when it comes to casual sex is that you should be able to enjoy it. Casual sex should be able to make you happy and there is no point in going for it if you would be spending most part of the day feeling guilty about it later. However, casual sex does not mean that you should be totally clueless about your partner’s feelings. Every relationship, casual or otherwise, is based on feelings so it important to take that into consideration.

Making sure that your partner is OK with casual sex and ensuring that you use protection would solve most problems.



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