Learning the ways to cope with Credit Cards hazards

Written by on 17 November, 2017


credicard - Learning the ways to cope with Credit Cards hazards

In radio 1 of Plexus Radio we have some tips for you. There are many reasons people like the credit cards for. These cards are easy to carry and use and they offer the users relief from the need of carrying cash. There are many banks that offer credit cards to its users. But a person who uses credit card needs to be careful and cautious about his spending habits.

The temptation to get more credit cards, especially if you have good credit, is overwhelming. Offers arrive in your mail on a weekly basis with the promise of 0% credit cards, holiday discount and charity credit cards, as offered by online providers. All entice you to transfer your present balance in the old card to a new one.

With so many cards on offer here are some useful tips and pitfalls to watch out for.

Identity theft is becoming an increasing problem, especially on the Internet. For example, when you pay for a meal with your credicard you normally enter the process of handing the card to the waiter and waiting for the bill. This – however unlikely – opens you up to all sorts of risks as unscrupulous hands in the restaurant could make a quick copy of your card and start using it on the Internet where signatures are not needed. Always keep sight of your card when making payments.

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Transferring a balance with a 17% annual rate to a 0% rate is enticing; however, be aware that if you don’t pay the balance in full during the established period (usually one year), you will be charged for the full interest at the prevailing rate and might even be punished with higher than normal rates if you are one day late. So if you believe that you won’t be able to repay the amount in that period, don’t accept the offer.

Analyse your general behavior. Are you well organised or do you usually leave things until the last minute? If the second condition exists, change! You are in great danger of becoming a delinquent payer, something credit companies love to see. They love delinquency because it allows them to collect much more than the original debt!

Finally, shred all statements where your personal information is shown, even if the data is several years old. Do not just throw the information in the bin; it might not be the last someone sees of it.



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