Creating A Crisis, Or Avoiding/Resolving One: 5 Examples

Written by on 27 July, 2018

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Creating A Crisis, Or Avoiding/Preventing/

Resolving One: 5 Examples


Although some potential crises, are unforeseen, and, perhaps, unavoidable, wouldn’t it be safer, wiser, and more desirable, to do, all which is logical, to attempt to avoid them, altogether? Most agree, we are living in somewhat, uncertain times, with many threats (some, actual, and others, perceived, or merely possible/ potential), and we certainly do not need, to make things worse, and/ or more challenging, by creating an additional crisis, because of how we proceed. Until our public officials, take the time, to fully consider, the options, and how rhetoric, threats, and proceeding, without considering all conceivable, potential ramifications, safety and crisis – avoidance, suffers! Our leaders either create a crisis, or opt, to avoid, prevent, or resolve these. With that in mind, this article will attempt to review, consider, and briefly discuss, 5 examples, of current issues, and how to best proceed.

1. Tariffs/ trade wars: When President Trump proposed, and introduced, several tariffs, claiming they were to protect America, against being taken advantage of, some supported his focus and direction, while many economists, and experts, warned against the potential ramifications, and what they considered, poorly designed concepts! We have already observed, significant price increases, which end up, being passed along to American consumers, in the cost of news – print paper, steel and aluminum, etc, and recently, a major beverage manufacturer, announced they would be raising prices, because of the cost of aluminum. In addition, we have seen an increase in trade deals, between other partners, who previously did significant business with the United States, including Mexico, Canada, China, etc. Already, the EU leader, met with our President, and held a press conference, stating, the goal of resolving these issues, but, unfortunately, without thorough details. If this is resolved, I am sure the White House will proclaim how, Trump, made America greater, but, it seems to me, merely, put out a fire, of his own making!

2. DACA: We have observed, many, so – called, Dreamers, see, what they considered, to be, an agreement, eliminated by this White House. Rather than resolving the issue, which is what polls show, the overwhelming majority of Americans favor, the President has seemed, to try to make this a political issue, and seeking leverage, from the dispute, which he created, but still, blames, on the opposing political party.

3. Immigration separation: Wouldn’t you think, since the United States, was founded by immigrants, and has, mostly, focused on inclusion, and civil rights, liberties and freedoms, an immigration policy, based on these concepts, would be one, we should strive for? Rather, President Trump, has focused on a Draconian policy, of separating families, and, even after the courts, ordered them to reverse and re – unite families, a large percentage, are still separated.

4. Free Press: One of the Constitutional rights, is the concept of a free press, yet, Mr. Trump, has focused much of his blaming and complaining, on what he calls, the Fake News. This has created a crisis of public confidence, in those institutions, we have always trusted, etc.

5. Economic priorities: When he was a candidate, and after his election, Trump, often, proclaimed, one of his highest priorities, was for tax reform, focused on the middle = class. This became another case of reality, differing from the rhetoric and promises, and, we have witnessed, the tax legislation, favor the wealthiest, and larger corporations, over the middle – class. The explanation was it would help all, and proclaimed, this time, Trickle Down Economics, would achieve that objective, although, in the longer – term, it has failed to do so, in the past. Doesn’t this create a crisis of confidence, in who, the government, is actually serving?

We may face a crisis, but why do we need, self – inflicted ones? Wake up, America, and let your elected officials, know, this is not satisfactory, or acceptable!

Author: Richard B. from Plexus Radio. 

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