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Roger Balta


Roger Baltà born on July 18, 1979 in Terrassa (Barcelona). Roger is a catalan radio host, disc-jockey, international radio producer, and internet entrepreneur, best known for his globally syndicated two-hour radio show called “Hit Mania Dance”. Roger’s syndicated programs fill a niche in the US radio market. Roger is also a courageous and dynamic leader who is fearless in taking on big projects, such as the formation of his own radio network in USA (Plexus Multi-Channel Radio). He is the founder and owner of Plexus Radio Network, at the same time doing the duties of CEO. 

In 2011 began streaming his weekly globally syndicated program from the network 1clubFM radio (AddictedToRadio) in Chicago to his loyal followers throughout the world. Roger is also known as the first Catalan and Spaniard radio host in american internet radio and FM.


Roger Balta - Radio Sant Cugat

        Roger Balta in Ràdio Sant Cugat (Barcelona), year 2001.

Roger’s radio skills begin at an early age. Roger has been passionate about radio since he was just 9 years old. He is a gifted for communication and telecommunications. Is a specialist in manipulating digital audio “audio editing”, jingles production with FX effects, Streaming, music production and radio program production. He has high knowledges in HTML and CSS programming, digital tools and technology platforms. He is an expert user of Google Analytics, MailChimp, Hootsuite, Adwords, cPanel, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, SEO and SEM. His first computer was an “IBM XT 286” in 1986 with 7 years of age. Roger Balta is an all-rounder and very smart.

He is passionate about radio, technology and computer science. 

The family “Baltà” are family with the Torredemer family, pioneers of the Textile industry in Catalonia and Spain in the past. Roger is the nephew and godson of Pere Baltá, who died in 2015. founder and president of Honor of the PRODIS Foundation for people with disabilities in Terrassa (Barcelona).

Roger, Son of a retired textile businessman, he has always been clear that his passion was music and radio. Roger Baltà became famous in 1995/1996 in the Vallès region (Barcelona) with only 16 years of age, on Radio Top 20. He is one of the legendary voices of Radio Top 20 of the decade of the 90s (Perhaps the most prominent for his beautiful voice ) FM radio station, that broadcast in the past from Terrassa (Barcelona) and for more than 24 cities in the Vallès region. He is the only survivor of that time. This radio station was the official station of the “Pont Aeri” nightclub in Terrassa.

His passion has led him to a fruitful career in FM Radio stations spanning over 23 years in Barcelona, Spain. In his native country, Roger boasts an outstanding list of job descriptions including ; Radio host, Disc jockey, radio producer, sound technician, sound engineer and Director of radio station.

In the United States, Roger has been expanding his globally syndicated two-hour radio show called “Hit Mania”.  His show in the past was on the air in Chicago (1ClubFM Network, Nexus Radio), New York and Washington State ( KSVR 91.7 FM, bilingual radio network) focusing on Latino demographics.

In 2010, Balta was chosen and adopted by the radio professionals of American Internet radio and FM. He’s done corporate voice-work for Spanish language stations owned by Clear Channel Communications (iHeartRadio) in USA. In 2013, 2014, 2015… Roger was invited as a panelist and delegate of the legendary Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida, United States. He attended the red carpet event at the IDMA (International Dance Music Awards). Since June 2018, he is a delegate member of the international association of broadcasters, (IAIB) International Association of Internet broadcasters. In 2019, Roger attended the Winter Music Conference again (after being absorbed by Ultra Music Festival). 

Roger Balta

Roger Balta in (IAIB) International Association of Internet broadcasters of USA.



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Roger Balta


Show Hitmania United States of America hosted by Roger Balta. To be able to listen to the show, click on the play below. 

Roger Balta - locutor Roger Balta - Podomatic



Radio programs of “Roger Balta” broadcasted on live in USA, England and Argentina. 

Roger Balta on Spotify

Roger Balta - Spotify - locutor Roger Balta

Roger Balta on iTunes

Download Roger Balta in iTunes - Hitmania Dance - Roger Balta - locutor Roger Balta - Livestream - Live365 - Livestreaming - Juanma Ortega
Download Roger Balta in iTunes - Hitmania Dance - Roger Balta - locutor Roger Balta - Livestream - Live365 - Livestreaming - Juanma OrtegaRoger Balta - plexus - hitmania - dance hitmania - live streaming - Download Roger Balta in iTunes - Hitmania Dance - Roger Balta - locutor Roger Balta - Livestream - Live365 - Livestreaming - Juanma Ortega

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