Abba Returns

Written by on 28 February, 2020

Abba Returns To The Cool Side Of Clubland Four Decades Later

Abba Returns

Starting life in the late 70’s this stalwart band broke through global charts to eventually become one of the world’s biggest selling acts, although often typecast and reserved to a seabed of commercial clubs and dated disco’s. Courtesy of a driving rework that’s currently doing the rounds, the attached killer riff is surfacing in sets from some of the world’s most established DJ’s throwing caution to the wind in light of an instant anthem that commands floors into a relentless singing frenzy. Think big, then take it up another notch.

As they say, music is always best when it’s made to make you move. When a refined rework of an already monumental classic lands, focussed on celebrating an outrageous hook, you know it’s going to be a memorable dance floor moment. Already a certified hit, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! is presently dominating the Australian club charts and a long list of international DJ sets. Judging by the response from clubbers, it’s going to keep firing for a very long time ahead. Delivered to festivals via the hands of Late Night Tuff Guy and many more modern artisans, the tune is cutting directly through clubland and winning a global fanbase. We suggest you take a deep breath, tune in, turn on and freak out the the prime selection of remixes on offer from Aussie label Vicious Recordings. The label is aptly known as hit makers, long discovering artists before their proverbial peak, so sing along as this surefire summer hit is going to be playing well into 2020.

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