Indian bands and their music

Written by on 11 December, 2017

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Indian bands have successfully made it on the Internet, gathering even more enthusiasts through specialized websites such as My Band. Possessing musical knowledge or not, these listeners have become true fans of Indian music and they visit the web regularly to discover new songs. Filled with melody and rhythm (Raag and Taal), Indian songs are unique and they definitely represent a gateway into the Indian culture. They allow one to expand his or her imagination, impressing with their distinct qualities and melodious tunes.

If Raag represents the melody, Taal is actually the rhythm of any song created by Indian bands. The rhythm comes from the musical instruments used for the making of Indian music, with one of the most illustrative examples that could be given being the tabla. Indian artists are trained in the secrets of percussion and they make sure that each and every song posted on My Band has both melody and rhythm. Improvisation is a very important part of making Indian music, most artists engaging in such practices and creating subtle improvisations for their songs. It takes a trained ear to discover such modifications but the end result is definitely fantastic.

When making music, Indian bands bring vocals, instrumentals and improvisation into the picture. They choose a professional and experienced melodic performer, they search for the perfect rhythmic foundation and they always work with a good percussionist. You cannot even begin to understand the hard work that is found behind one simple song, one that you’re humming all day and repeating the words. The performance of Indian bands is appreciated by people of different ages and occupations, coming from all corners of the world and influences by the most diverse cultures. My Band represents the portal where Indian music is offered to the entire world, whether we are talking about rock, pop or Indie.

When listening to Indian bands, you might have a hard time distinguishing exactly the musical instruments that have been used. Only someone with knowledge of music and experience can achieve such an objective. As a regular listener, you will enjoy the beauty of the song and nothing more. However, you should know that the role of musical instruments is taken very seriously, both the melody and the rhythm depending heavily on their proper use. Indian songs (like the ones you will be listening on My Band) represent the perfect blend between vocal and instrumental performance, followed up closely by percussion. The interaction between all of these is indeed exciting and you are given the opportunity to listen to the final product, which is indeed fantastic.

Genuine artists know how to synchronize every aspect in a song in order to produce the expected results. Everyone appreciates the creations of Indian bands, realizing how much hard work and dedication is lies behind them. As a dedicated player, you too can contribute to making Indian music known out there. Tell your friends and acquaintances about My Band. They will surely be grateful for having opened such a wonderful universe in front of their eyes.Copyrighted_Plexus

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