Musiciens Sans Frontiéres alternative rock from NYC

Written by on 20 February, 2018

Musiciens Sans Frontiéres alternative rock from NYC

Musiciens Sans Frontiéres   is a NYC-based alternative rock project, with members originally hailing from the U.S.A., Austria and Columbia. They fuse alternative rock with world beats and experimental soundscapes, encompassing a spectrum from goth and grunge to world beat, ska and folk-punk. The songs tackle issues ranging from green energy and banning fracking (“So Many Ways”) to marijuana legalization (“Legalize”) to the need to protest (“Dead Hero” and MSF’s version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”) to the need to protect (“Affection”), and also include songs about love (“In The Waves”, “You”, “Energy of Love”, “Happy Monday”)

New York Music Daily called their sound “luridly seductive” in a review of their last album, “Spread Some Love”, entitled “Relevant Psychedelic Rock by Musiciens Sans Frontieres”. Five songs off of the album have been receiving airplay on 23 radio stations (commercial, satellite and internet) across the U.S., on Austria’s premiere alternative radio station FM4 as well as three radio stations in Germany to date, and that album also led to a full feature article in Rock Revolt Magazine. And in 2016, it’s closing track “In The Waves” was in heavy rotation on internet radio in Sydney, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Houston.

Thomas Simon’s tuned down, dark, layered and dense guitar sound, called “very Daniel Ash” by Lucid Culture, NYC, is lit up by the “angelic voice” (Legends Magazine) and “stage presence of erotic force” (Infinity Press) of actress-singer-songwriter Jillie Simon. On “Spread Some Love”, Thomas and Jillie are backed up by Alex Alexander on drums, and Keith Golden on bass, who’d both previously toured with Dido among others.

Their trilogy of activist videos started with MSF’s cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, which they turned into a paean to documenting, and helping to create change, and which won three awards in 12 film festivals. Their next video “Legalize”, makes the case for the social and economic benefits of marijuana legalization and earned them four awards in 11 festivals in the US, Canada and Europe. Their third music video “So Many Ways (For Safe, Green Sane Energy)” is also award-winning and continues it’s journey of spreading awareness. All three songs are on the new album.

In the mid 2000’s, European born Thomas Simon had found new inspiration by recording with and filming local street and temple musicians worldwide from Brazil to India, Indonesia and beyond, captured in his documentary “Thomas Simon Walkabout”, which was selected to numerous film festivals and paved his way into doing soundtrack work for PBS and independent film and culminated in the creation of Musiciens Sans Frontiéres. “Spread Some Love” is MSF’s fourth studio album. The 2007 version of “Affection” off the album “Satellite” made it onto the 2008 Grammy Ballots.

For more on Thomas’s cinematic works, such as the soundtrack to “La Redempcio Dels Peixos” (Spain/Italy/USA) starring Lluís Soler, for which he was nominated for Best Music/Best Song at the 2013 Milan International Film Festival- -please go to

Songs that Jillie has co-written and sung have been in indie film “Copy Shop” (written and directed by seven-time Emmy winner William Electric Black, as yet-unreleased), in which she played a rock-n-roller with a dark secret, a web-pilot, and a multi-award-winning short film that she wrote and starred in (co-starring Eric Roberts).

Musiciens Sans Frontieres has toured nationally and internationally, playing clubs, concert halls, benefits and festivals.

Listen to the songs of “Musiciens Sans Frontiéres”. 


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