Myra Melendez from Cleveland, OH.

Written by on 23 February, 2018

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Myra Melendez from Cleveland, OH.

Myra Melendez is a singer, songwriter, and actress with Puerto Rican roots based in Cleveland, OH. Her goal has been to write positive, healing, and stimulating topics that inspire people to achieve their dreams. Myra from the age of 9 years began to compose her first songs, and since then she developed the ability to interpret and write in Spanish and English. She is also referred to as the mermaid since her fans compare her voice to that of a mermaid. She was a supporting actress in the Crime Stoppers television series and worked in the movie Fast 8, Gone Transit, Maximillian, Surviving Compton etc. She has written songs for indie films, and has collaborated alongside producers and composers who have worked with artists such as Mya, Trey Songz, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and Daddy Yankee. Myra Melendez is constantly creating new music and lyrics leading to her current style. Myra-Melendez-Bori-Q-No-Me-Siento-igual-plexus-radio-1-plexus-radio-dance-edm-house-music-trance-dj-new-songs

Listen to the song “No Me Siento Igual- Myra Melendez ft. Bori-Q”.


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