Darja “RISE UP”

Written by on 26 December, 2017

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DARJA “RISE UP”, new song by Darja.

Darja, Hailing from Riga, Latvia, and being brought up in Germany and the UK, the multilingual vocalist/lyricist and on-screen character, is already moving the global music scene. She picked up reputation on Germany’s Popstars and ITV’s Pop Idol in the UK. After her performance of Shakira’s “Underneath Your Clothes”, Simon Cowell drew a correlation amongst her and Shakira: she has “that specific X factor”, and therefore, he states, “as a pop star package, I think it was fantastic”. Rise Up is produced and delivered by the expert team of The Practice Worldwide.  From Plexus Radio we recommend that you listen to the new song of Darja “RISE UP”

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