Air prison called planet Earth

Written by on 28 July, 2020

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Air prison called planet Earth

Message To You, Your Family and Friends In The Name Of Humanity!

There comes a time when those in the awareness hear a call to arms knowing planet Earth and its inhabitants have reached crisis point and that it would be difficult to overestimate the gravity of the situation…

The call to arms, taking action through listening to that inner voice coming from one’s inner being, guiding like a beacon in the night against the ‘architects of darkness’, has indeed never been so needed to be heeded.

Activism has 3 stages. First, there is the activism to bring about the second stage, raising awareness. Then there is the third and final stage, the consequence of the first two stages, getting the job done; making the intended changes happen.

However, humanitarian changes will either not happen, mount to nothing or cause chaos if one’s inner being is disturbed: The inner world reflects the outer world. If your inner world is disturbed how do you expect to create peace in the outer world? If your activism is not heart-based unconditional love and is merely bent on unscrupulous controlling, anger driven or even violently fraught with peril… then you’ve only become what you resisted.

Taking the case of the architect’s of darkness, whether it’s historically speaking as in the examples of Hitler and Stalin… or the present day puppet politicians, their inner worlds deeply and darkly disturbed only bring chaos in the planned new world order agenda.

How much chaos will it take for the human race to finally wake up en masse in the synchronicity and realize the deception, that they have been manipulated into partaking in this open air prison called planet Earth?

Using dogs as an example, human beings keep pets that are no more than prisoners. The dog is cooped up in an unnatural habitat /environment all day, broken up, usually by 20 minute morning and evening bowel and bladder emptying sessions called walks… The animal lacks the awareness to realize that it’s a prisoner. The dog owner lacks the awareness to realize that he / she is keeping the dog as a prisoner.

Then, what goes round comes round; you have the planetary ruling elite who keep humans as prisoners. Most humans lack the awareness to realize that they’re prisoners. In turn, the ruling elite lack the awareness to realize that they’re keeping humans as prisoners because they have no empathy.

My heart-felt respect goes out to those people standing for what is fair, honest and just, campaigning against the unprincipled dictates of those politicians; psychotic, criminal, lying through their teeth and in the pockets of the banks/corporations…

However, the politicians are not the biggest problem; they are only the symptoms of an underlying root cause. Time after time history has shown us that if a regime is removed it gets replaced by another. That’s because the underlying root-cause still persists.

Sure, we-the-people have been socially engineered and sometimes downright intimidated into walking the white line. We’ve been moulded into a ridged compliant-based system, stifling critical thought and creativity, but if we’re to transform humanity first we need to first address ourselves:

The biggest threat of all is apathy. This is the underlying root-cause for the woes of the world. The corrupt senior politicians are only in power because above all we have let them and their associates get away with it through our ignorance and apathy. A number of us have voted for these psychotics without ever realizing who they really are with their dark ulterior motives…

We have accepted the general consensus of the sheep-likes masses and not questioned the authority viewpoint because many of us are too busy getting up to meaningless nah, nah, nothings in our lives, leaving the real issues concerns of the world unquestioned, uninvestigated and unchallenged.

It has been said that ‘knowledge is power’ but this is not true. The truth is that it’s ‘the application of knowledge is power’ which is all empowering. For we-the- people the all empowering thing to do is.

  1. Make that inner peace with ourselves. -Our inner work is the key to manifesting world peace.
  2. Live life as an inquiry. -Find out what’s really going on, how we have been deceived and manipulated… then spread the word to others so that they can gain knowledge, insight and pass it on to others.

-In the fellowship of activism this is the key to creating a world that makes a difference for everyone!

By Paul A P.

A secret world. PDF file of the writer Milton William Cooper.

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