DayZ servers with mods that we do not recommend

Written by on 26 October, 2021

DayZ servers with mods that we do not recommend.

DayZ servers with mods that we do not recommend. Here we have a small list of Day Z servers that we do not recommend since sooner or later you will have problems with the owner of the server or with the administrators.

They are servers that lack any ethics and logic, you will be expelled or banned from the server. It is not necessary that you violate any of the server’s rules, simply be discriminated against for not sharing the same political or religious ideas. Is there discrimination on servers with DayZ mods? the answer is yes.

These servers are run by ignorant people with a great lack of professional ethics and values. We have a researcher who has been infiltrating various servers and has been studying the behavior of the admins and owners. What surprised us the most is to see that in some PVP server you can be discriminated against simply for killing players who are friends of the administrator or owner of the server.

The experience, according to him, was disastrous, so we were able to corroborate it with screenshots and conversations. Here is a small black list that we will update little by little.

Day Z servers with mods where you never have to play. (Sooner or later you will have problems).

  1. Hamburger Hill |PVE ONLY|75k Start|Stalker|Custom Areas|Heli|
  2. Hamburger Hill Winter Style I PVE I RP I MISSIONS I MILITARY RA
    The owner seems to be a complete asshole apart from being ill-mannered and arrogant. Pure and harsh discrimination against players. Links:

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