Sex Trafficked and Tricked

Written by on 24 December, 2021

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Hello there, I have come with a message something that means a lot to me and has come with nothing but love in my heart and hope that this can help someone and shine some light in a very dark area of the world of human/child trafficking.

My names Samantha, I’d like to take you on a journey. When I was growing up, I was brought up in a loving home but a broken one. My mum and dad loved me very much but unfortunately not each other, I guess this led me to become bit of a rebellion child. Wanting to be accepted and completing school I was longing for acceptance and then came what I thought was just that.

A woman a lot older than me started to show me the world of champagne, cocaine and armed robbers, before I knew it was in the world of prostitution, however when its someone under the age of 18 its not called prostitution it’s called exploitation, but what do we know at that age, even if your ‘best friend’ is exploiting you would you have listened? I didn’t, my conscious knew but I continued non the less and was led down a path into the adult industry.

I guess at the time it looked great from an outsider’s perspective, that sex drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, but the truth is that I abused myself in so many ways from gaining an addiction to putting myself in situations I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

The darkest days of my life were yet to come and there’s not a day goes by I wish I could turn back the hands of time to stop myself before I walked even further into the darkness of this world.

My 21st birthday came and not long after the same women who groomed me introduced me to a man, this man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and promised me the world, but before I knew it I was a ‘bitch who knew her place’ it wasn’t long before things took an even worst turn and this man then claimed he was from the illuminati and that I was owned. Not only me but my soul.

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Now I know this is something you usually hear from conspiracies, elites or exposed celebs that have just come out all over the online world, but this was someone who was seen credible in society, someone who went to single mums charities and helped out and drove around in a clapped-out car and not a designer piece of clothing in sight.

This and many other things he would brag about, how he could away with anything and had been for so long, how he was involved with people very high up, not only did he threaten to kill me and many others but also threatened to kill my family if I didn’t hit my weekly targets. I was raped abused and tortured in ways that still to this day I don’t feel comfortable opening up about. There were times he would sleep deprive me and many others for days on end and mentally and physically manipulate us for his own gratification. I became so broken I didn’t see a way out I was handing over £5000 a week at times, being controlled by drugs/fear/abuse and confusion.

The reason I wanted to write this because worst things happen to children and from doing investigative research into my own misfortune and the lives of others I realised how far this actually went. This may seem far-fetched to some but I am living proof that this doesn’t just go on at the top it happens at our own back doors and the distractions of this world can make you get so caught up in a Netflix binging series and have you forgot who owns that outlet and what agenda they really have.

I was lucky enough to be part of the 1% who survived being human trafficked but 8 million children go missing to this industry every year and it’s a multibillion-pound industry. My abuser is now in jail but there are people walking the street today and its important as a collective we have them serve their dues whether they be at the top or trickling down into our everyday society.

I see a world where every child/person is free to be themselves and don’t have to suffer at the hands of people who have very sick agendas for their personal gratification. It’s important now more than ever that we unite in a common cause to end these crimes against humanity and build a brighter better world for future generations.

All I ask of you is if you have taken the time to read this thank you and please do further research, you only have to look into the fact the BBC covered up one of the most prolific pedophiles of our time (jimmy Saville)for 30 years and they made the Hampstead cover up even more covered supporting the dad who abused his children and so many others, in this you see that things aren’t always what they seem in society.

If anything, just start looking into the work of Jeffrey Epstein and who he connected too, for this I believe it won’t take us long to come together as a collective to see that we have a duty of care to not let people like this rule our world or create our society any longer and unite as one to stop human/child trafficking and many other crimes against humanity.

Author: Samantha B.

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