Top 5 Summer Activities

Written by on 11 July, 2020

Top 5 Summer Activities, top 5 fun summer activities, Top 5 Summer Activities for Kids, top 5 summer camp

Top 5 Summer Activities

Its summer time!!! The perfect time of the year to indulge in pleasure and leisure. The lazy summer days are the time when the warm breeze creates ripples in lakes and hearts alike, flowers bloom bright and radiant and young hearts find ecstasy. It’s the time to enjoy the thrill that the season spells. The beaches, the barbeque, the camps, the fishing escapades all make summer the great time it is. So if you are looking to indulge in some fun and thrilling activities this summer here’s a list of top five summer activities that you can check out –

Top 5 fun summer activities

Top 5 Summer Activities, top 5 fun summer activities, Top 5 Summer Activities for Kids, top 5 summer camp

1) Hit the beach – Beaches are the best place to be in summer. There’s nothing like a lazy summer day in the beach, with a few burgers and lemonades. Come summer and you will find beaches crowded with all the beach enthusiasts enjoying the sun with friends and family, taking a sun-bath or a massage, sipping into some fruit-juice and soaking the delights of the fresh air. And how can you leave out children from the beaches. Watch them having a whale of a time, building sand-castles and running around in sheer joy.

2) Summer sports – Summer is the time of a host of sports that keeps the spirit of the season alive. People grab this opportunity to hit the outdoors with their favorite sports. Beach sports are most popular. Beach volleyball is a common sight at most beaches. Rafting, surfing, swimming, waterskiing are popular sports activities during summer. Many also indulge in ice-sports. Ice-skating, ice-hockey, snowboarding are real fun. Cycling, diving, tennis are some of the popular outdoor games of summer. Other sports-nuts go for baseball or golf at the greens during summer.

3) Fishing – During summer many different fishes are available to inshore anglers. As a general rule the best time for fishing in summer is at dusk and dawn. . During this time of the year estuaries and coastal waters are filled with a variety of bait fishes and shrimps preyed upon by game fish. Some popular cathches during summer are – spotted seatrout, red drum, flounders, sheepshead, Black drum, pompano, etc.

4) Summer camps – Camps are a favorite of many during the summer season, specially the children. Summer camp conjures up colorful and zesty images of different fun activities. However summer camps can be of different kinds to serve specific purposes. There are special summer camps for computer learning, performing arts, for children with special needs and for weight loss programs. Summer camps are the place where children spend an extended period of time away from home for the first time. It provides them the opportunity to develop character, boost conference, make new friends, build up confidence and discover new interests.

5) Relax and enjoy – Summer is also the time to indulge in the luxury of relaxation – be it be it snoozing off in the hammock, sailing in a boat, or just idly bird-watching. This is what lazybones love to do during the summer months.

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