David Icke and The Coronavirus

Written by on 21 November, 2021

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David Icke talks about the Coronavirus, the plan to destroy the global economy and the effects of 5G. On Plexus Network, we publish this interview because we believe that everybody has the right to see it. Youtube banned the video because of the worldwide agenda to hide the truth from us. It is part of human rights to be able to watch this video without being banned. Each person is free to believe or not to believe, but the video cannot be banned.

London Real TV interview with David Icke. Due to the fact that it features content that certain ‘bodies with weight’ are concerned about, the video has been banned pretty much across the board on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook etc (the usual suspects) and has even made headline news on the BBC (this only happens when ‘bodies’ start getting nervous. Now ‘Good Scribe’ at Medium has published a full transcription of the interview you can read at your own leisure.

A PDF of the page for fear it too might get zapped pretty soon.

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