New World Order – Awakening to the Conspiracy Theories

Written by on 11 May, 2021

New World Order – Awakening to the Conspiracy Theories

Awakening Part 1 – What Awakening to the New World Order Conspiracy Theories Really Means to You

If you are curious about awakening to The New World Order conspiracy theory then I have to be honest and tell you my purpose in writing this and other articles and books is to help open the minds of as many people as possible to what is really happening in what seems to be an increasingly insane world and empower them towards true spiritual growth. I believe this can only be achieved when the illusions and deceptions that control and enslave our minds have been removed by exposing them. The truth is it makes sense when you know what is really going on.

However the truth can sometimes appear even stranger than fiction.

Be aware that there will be plenty of people who will try to discredit any of these theories and the deeper you get into just how real this is the more you will understand about why those who deny any such thing say what they do.

I refer to awakening as awakening to the conspiracy theory called the New World Order and not really Spiritual Awakening which although connected is slightly different. It’s also important to know that it is a wide and deep subject and there are many things that need to be understood for it all to make sense, to connect the dots so to speak. It is going to be impossible to explain much in just one article and so this will hopefully be a series of articles along with links to other information that will help connect everything up and provide deeper research.

What I can promise you is that it is a fascinating and eye-opening journey and one you will need an open mind to take.

So what does it mean to you?

Awakening to what is really happening in this particular reality can be personally challenging and uncomfortable because you must rip yourself away from many belief systems you have held for many years. One thing the naysayers find almost impossible is the need to deal heavily with your ego’s obsession with being right because you will need to open up to the deep truth that you might well have been wrong or misinformed about many things for a very long time, something that sounds easier than it really is.

You will need to be strong with a lot of courage because until they wake up, if ever, many people will ridicule you and think you have gone crazy. By far the best approach is to be frugal in what you reveal to people, don’t go blowing the whole thing out in one go and expect people to accept it. Little by little is the best way with a view to inspiring people to do the research themselves. Oh and remember that many people will not do anything at all being more content to stay in the sleep mode.

The common problem with the skeptics is that many (not all) base their opinions on little or no research and depending on who you are talking to it can be little more than hearsay and general opinion, which of course is heavily manipulated anyway. Yes you also need to research with a measure of discernment and dig deep to feel what really resonates as truth with you. This is why it’s advisable to inspire others to do their own research and not rely on one source only. It’s a complex game and there are many dead ends and red herrings out there.

Finally for this article I can tell you as others will also tell you that there is a curious combination of fulfilment and emptiness as you realize that many belief’s you have had for so long are no longer valid which creates a sort of void, a vacuum that can be replaced with an empowered new view of the world and your place in it. It is the latter feeling I wish to encourage you to hold on to. This is the one which will ultimately lead to true spiritual growth and it is only by realizing the truth that this can really be allowed to occur.

In my next article I will reveal a little more to you,

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