Eco Friendly Ideas for Everyday Life

Written by on 22 October, 2017


Eco Friendly seems to be the buzzword of the century. You constantly hear it on television, read it in the paper and see it on the internet. What exactly does it mean to be ecologically friendly? There are many ways to be friendly to our ecological system. From recycling to using natural or organic products, you can make a difference.Trying to be Eco Friendly can sometimes be a challenge. One of the most advanced cities in Europe in this respect is Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).

Barcelona is very equipped and technologically advanced with recycling facilities to take the plastic, paper, and metal products for recycling. Some communities are not equipped for recycling programs. There are no recycling facilities to take the plastic, paper, and metal products for recycling. This can cause many problems when it comes to waste management. Landfills can become full of items that could have been recycled. These items can take many years to decompose.

Another way to be Eco Friendly is to use natural or organic cleaning products. Many products on the market today are labeled as environmentally friendly or all natural. Another thing to look at is making your own cleaners. Vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil can be the ingredients in some inexpensive, all natural cleaners. If you think that your house will end up smelling like vinegar, do not worry. The odor dissipates rather quickly. Composting is another way to save our ecosystem. Instead of throwing food scraps in the trash, throw them in the compost bin. Composting may take a little time and effort but is well worth it. By composting these scraps, you are creating an all-natural fertilizer for your flowerbeds and gardens. This eliminates the need for costly chemical fertilizers than can be detrimental to our environment. 

It sometimes takes an effort to be environmentally conscious, especially if you have never really thought about it before. Next time you go to throw something away in the trash. Think about it. Does it really need to go in the trash? Can it be recycled? If it can be recycled, then recycle it if at all possible. Can this item be used for another purpose? If you have any of the used foil envelopes from the individual drink pouches, they can be used to make purses as well as many other items.
There are many items used worldwide that can be recycled. By doing your part, the world will be a cleaner place for all of us.


Barcelona, recycling containers.



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