A Guaranteed Success Formula

Written by on 29 October, 2017



Key to success

Success is not an accident. Success is not a matter of luck. There is a five step formula that can be followed and, if you have the commitment to follow it you will reap the rewards.

Step 1: Decide What You Want

Make a decision as to what success will be for you. Everyone has a different idea of what success is. If you don’t take the time to define it for yourself then how can you possibly get there?

Your definition doesn’t have to please anyone else; as long as it pleases you then it will be something that you can throw your energy into.

Step 2: Find Out What You Have To Do To Get It

At the time that you set your success goal you may have no idea at all as to what you will need to do in order to arrive there.

Most people realize that they would have to study hard and long to learn how to become a brain surgeon, but they somehow miss the fact that they have to spend time learning how to completely turn their life around and achieve outstanding success.

Fortunately some successful people have taken what they have learned over many years and found ways to help you learn quickly and easily. Studying their teachings can take years off your journey and save you a lot of pain and suffering that you might otherwise experience on your own.

Step 3: Break Down What You Have To Do Into Daily Tasks

Once you have discovered what you need to do then it is important to break that into bite size chunks, that you can accomplish in a day (still leaving time to meet your other responsibilities).

In this way each day becomes a mini-success and that will keep your spirits up.

Step 4: Put Those Tasks In Their Order Of Importance

Each night before you go to bed decide what will be the most important task that you need to accomplish the following day.

Make sure that you organize yourself so that you can complete this task as well as the other things you have to do that day. Successful people know how to make decisions and set priorities. That is the shortcut to success.

Step 5: Complete One Of Those Important Steps Each Day

If you can accomplish one task each day then you will have accomplished 365 tasks in one year. Just imagine how much improvement that could total.

Many people set goals but very few carry out an important, goal focused task each day. It’s not that they can’t do it, they simply don’t do it.

This fifth step is where the power resides. It is the habit of chipping away at your goal each and every day that will bring that goal into reality. If you can’t complete a particular task in a day then that task is too big. Keep the tasks small and achievable and before you know it you will have your success goal.

When you look forward a year it may seem a long way away and that may make you impatient. The interesting thing is that impatient people rarely develop the rhythm of daily action necessary to achieve their goal and so when the year has passed they are no closer than they were when the year began.

Keep taking those little steps, one after the other, and you may just amaze yourself at how much you achieve.


Author: Roger Balta



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