How Musicians Earplugs Play a Major Role in Music World

Written by on 14 April, 2018


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Tinnitus - Musicians Earplugs - concert-earplugs- Plexus - radio 1 -

Pitbull with Earplugs

Tinnitus – Earplugs for musicians


Earplugs for Musicians are mostly used by the music composers and singers. They spend a lot of time in hearing sounds to damage their noise levels. Playing a musical instrument or singing in a band, musicians are at risk of developing music-induced hearing loss. Almost all music instruments are capable of producing harmful noise levels, then added in loudspeaker and sound amplification systems that can increase the volume even more. When should it be used? Musicians trust their audience in practice and performance, and it is important that your audience does not deteriorate over time. However, many musicians choose not to use musicians earplugs because the standard noise-reducing earplugs can degrade the quality of the music.

The earplugs of high fidelity, on the other hand, are able to let the good (precise tonal quality) and maintain the bad (high volume). High fidelity musicians earplugs take into account the resonance frequency of the ear so the sound reduction is still the entire spectrum of frequencies, preserving the original musical quality. Musicians earplugs are not only for musicians but also for music lovers. For those who often attend concerts or musical events, investing in a pair of earplugs for music will save your audience after years of enjoying music.

Tinnitus - Musicians Earplugs - concert-earplugs- Plexus - radio 1 -

Tinnitus – Earplugs for musicians

Who should put?

    • Musicians and amateurs of all kinds or professionals
    • Students in music class or orchestra group and marching members of band
    • Instructors and Bandmasters
    • Participants in the festival of music and live concerts
    • Nightclub or participants in a noisy ba
    • Personal Entertainment Industry members and Concert teams

Ariana Grande with Earplugs – Click To See The Video!

Tinnitus - Musicians Earplugs - concert-earplugs- Plexus - radio 1 -

Tinnitus – Earplugs for Musicians – Types of Earplugs for Music

Custom made musicians earplugs: Composed of a filter and an ear plug as it is molded to the shape of the ear. The filter is normally a 9, 15 or 25 dB reduction filter. The ER-15 filter is suitable for most musicians. The filter of ER-25 may be necessary for beaters or amplified bands. The ER-9 filter suitable for solo or acoustic presentations. Custom ear plugs simply offer that personalization. These can be purchased from a hearing professional will first take the imprint of your ear to customize the earplugs.

 Reusable musicians earplugs: A low-cost alternative for musicians, students, and participants in the concert. They always take into account the resonance of the ear to preserve the musical quality, while reducing the overall volume. Many people do not know that there are earplugs for non-personalized musicians. When buying a pair of music earplugs, you want to look for the term “high fidelity”. This is an excellent inexpensive solution that can save audition students, music instructors, and musicians who are constantly exposed to harmful levels of music.


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